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More Digital Health Please

Vishal Gulati
2 min readJun 2, 2017

Today, I am excited. The sun is out but more importantly, the news is out! Draper Esprit successfully raised another £100m in its listed fund Draper Esprit (LN:GROW). This, along with cash from recent exits EIS fund, Secondaries and VCT partnership gives Draper Esprit over £160m of cash to invest over next couple of years.

If you think in terms of a typical five- year fund, this is the equivalent of a £800 million ($1 billion) fund.

Sorry, I don’t mean to bore you with numbers. The reason for this post is to re emphasise our commitment to digital health. Over the last few years Draper Esprit has been a prominent backer of European digital health businesses. Our digital health portfolio includes some amazing companies (PushDoctor (UK), Lifesum (Sweden), Clue (Germany) and Fluidic Analytics (UK).)

What these companies have in common is that they are founded by amazing entrepreneurs who want to improve healthcare outcomes and experience. Between them, they serve tens of millions of users worldwide from Australia to Zetland. Their products don’t usually come in pill boxes, instead, they are made of zeros and ones and that, we believe that is where the significant impact on healthcare will come from.

We are inviting more entrepreneurs who want to change how we do healthcare and make it more patient focused, more data driven and more digital. Some of the areas which are getting a lot of our attention are:

  1. Digital Therapeutics
  2. Genomics
  3. Neuromodulation / Electroceuticals
  4. Connected Care

So, if you had the backing to build a great company to change healthcare, what would you do?

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Vishal Gulati

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